Lymphatic Massage in Atlanta, GA
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Lymphatic massage, also called manual lymphatic drainage massage, is a very gentle type of massage therapy geared to stimulating your lymphatic system to improve your metabolism, encourage a healthy immune system, and promote the removal of toxins. The lymphatic system regulates your immune system, as well as removing fluids and other waste. It helps rid the body of toxins that can cause illness. When your lymphatic system does not function properly, fluids and waste build up, causing you to feel tired and heavy and making you susceptible to sickness.

By massaging your lymph nodes, it unblocks them, getting things moving again, and helps keep your whole lymphatic system healthy and strong. In turn, the massage results in a healthier flow of fluids, keeping your body toxin-free and fostering a stronger immune system.

What is the Lymphatic Massage Like?

A lymphatic massage in Atlanta consists of gentle pressure in the direction of your lymph nodes, either throughout your body or over one specific area, such as your face and neck. Since lymphatic massage uses a soft, rhythmic motion, it can be used on even the most sensitive areas, including areas of your body that are swollen. A lymphatic massage can last anywhere between a half hour to two hours. Lymphatic massage can be combined with other techniques, such as deep tissue or Swedish massage.

What Are The Benefits of Lymphatic Massaging?

The massage benefits patients who often get sick, have a weak immune system, or suffer from depression, stress, emotional problems, or low energy. Studies have shown it to have positive effects on your skin, help with respiratory problems, and even produce energy. The treatment can also help you deal with pain because it stimulates your body’s own healing mechanisms.

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