Breast Reconstruction in Atlanta

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis changes your life in an instant. Suddenly, you are faced with so many decisions—what treatment route to take, which doctors to see, whether or not to get breast reconstruction, and, if so, what type of breast reconstruction is right for you.

Since 2000, our team at Artisan Plastic Surgery has helped Atlanta breast reconstruction patients with this personal journey. Whether you have recently been diagnosed and you are weighing your treatment options, or you underwent mastectomy years ago and are now ready to consider breast reconstruction, we will give you the support and information you need to make a confident, safe decision for yourself.

If you choose to have breast reconstruction after lumpectomy or mastectomy, you can trust our board certified female plastic surgeons, Dr. Alexander and Dr. Wang-Ashraf, to provide compassionate care and beautiful, natural results.

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Breast reconstruction techniques offered

Breast Reconstruction AtlantaBreast reconstruction is designed to create a natural-appearing breast using either your own tissues, implants, or both. There are several different techniques available for breast reconstruction.

Both Dr. Wang-Ashraf and Dr. Alexander are experienced in multiple breast reconstruction techniques, including implant reconstruction as well as autologous tissue reconstruction (e.g., TRAM flap, Latissimus dorsi flap, etc.). Additionally both doctors are very familiar with Atlanta area breast cancer surgeons and will communicate with your cancer treatment team to ensure the most seamless care possible.

Our Artisan plastic surgeons can perform breast reconstruction immediately after mastectomy, or at a later date (called delayed reconstruction). There are pros and cons to each breast reconstruction option, and your preference will weigh in heavily in determining the right technique for you. We will discuss all of your procedure options and answer any questions that you have during your consultation—our priority is to ensure you are well-informed.

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Am I a breast reconstruction candidate?

There are very few women who are not candidates for breast reconstruction after mastectomy. The main questions for those seeking reconstruction are: which technique is appropriate for you, and how to best integrate the reconstruction into your overall cancer treatment plan.

The option you and your plastic surgeon choose will depend on your individual anatomy, medical history, and personal needs. In our experience, no matter what breast reconstruction option ends up being right for a patient, the procedure has a dramatic, positive impact on their quality of life and emotional well-being.

Breast Reconstruction Patients

Breast reconstruction surgery recovery

Breast reconstruction recovery varies significantly from patient to patient, depending on when reconstruction is performed, the specific technique used, the extent of surgery, and where you are in your cancer treatment process. In general, you can expect to take at least 1 to 2 weeks off work, and limit or modify activity for a month or longer after breast reconstruction surgery. Your plastic surgeon and nurse will discuss the recovery process in detail before you make a decision about breast reconstruction surgery, and they will provide you with personalized aftercare instructions before your procedure date.

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Learn more about breast reconstruction options

Our goal at Artisan Plastic Surgery is to help you make confident decisions for your body and yourself. At a personal consultation, our all-female team can help you understand your breast reconstruction options and learn about the procedure process. Call 404-851-1998 for our Atlanta Perimeter office, 770-622-2498 for our Johns Creek office, or simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to request an appointment.