Combining Breast & Body Procedures to Achieve a Complete Look

What we mean by combined breast & body procedures

Our patients often ask if they can have an Atlanta breast procedure in combination with body contouring of the abdomen and/or flanks and/or legs. There are many advantages to taking this approach to body contouring. First, by working on the breasts at the same time as the abdomen and hips, we can achieve harmony between these areas. Second, you will have one surgery and one recovery period. Third, combining the procedures decreases your total expenses if you plan to have both procedures performed at some time.

Who is a good candidate for combined procedures?

A good candidate for a combined procedure is a healthy patient who is interested in having either an breast augmentation or breast reduction and also is interested in liposuction, a tummy tuck of their abdomen, and/or a thigh/buttock lift for their hips and legs.

What is the recovery like?

The recovery from a combined procedure depends on which procedures you have done. You will need to discuss this in detail with your physician during your consultation.

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