Merrill: "We all live in glass houses"
Merrill: “We all live in glass houses”

“Never say never, and we all live in glass houses!”

I was very fortunate in my diagnosis of DCIS.  I was diligent in getting my mammogram yearly, which I believe was one–if not the most important–reason why I am a breast cancer survivor today.  I was extremely blessed to have been employed by two of the leading breast reconstruction doctors in Atlanta, Georgia at the time of my diagnosis.  With the support and guidance of Drs. Diane Z. Alexander and Bernadette Wang-Ashraf at the time of my diagnosis, as well as my supporting co-workers, I was referred to an amazing group called Breast Care Specialists in Atlanta.  Dr. Brenda Simpson helped me to make the right choice to have a mastectomy.  Today, I am cancer-free and have a beautiful breast.  My wish for all women is to be able to receive the best medical care available.  I also need to thank my husband, Paul, for his love and support; I could no have done this alone.  He was my amazing.  This experience has made me a kinder, better person and I am happy to always share my journey with other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.