I never thought I would have plastic surgery, but it was the best thing I have ever done. My surgery and subsequent enhancements were for ME – not for my family or anyone else. Sometimes, we women get so caught up with our busy lives and we forget the first person to take care of is ourselves! I would never hesitate starting this journey again. This is my story…

I work for the United State Army, and was stationed in Kuwait from 2010 to 2012; I have diabetes, and with this disease, it is very important to monitor your blood sugar. I had not been doing this and had gained a significant amount of weight during my overseas tour. Upon returning to the States, I checked in with my Endocrine doctor, who was very concerned. Since I was already taking 1 insulin shot at night and taking oral medication to control my sugars, he added 3 additional shots – one before each meal! I decided that I had reached an out-of-control situation in my life! With help from my doctor, I started a weight loss program, and lost about 40 pounds quite rapidly. This was wonderful! I was able to stop taking shots which was great. However, my weight gain and loss left me with a sagging neck and stomach. I was happy with my health but depressed with my looks!

An acquaintance referred me to Artisan Plastic Surgery. Dr. Alexander suggested that I do both my neck and tummy at the same time. I trusted her and said let’s go for it! I felt like I was well prepared for what lay ahead on this journey. Nothing was left for me to figure out myself.
I recovered very well with no complications. Most people that I have discussed my surgery with say they really would like to do the tummy tuck BUT are more afraid of the pain than the cost. While it might sound a little radical to do the face, neck and tummy at the same time, I believe that—at least for me—was the best way to do it.


My advice for those considering improving their looks is this: there are many qualified surgeons out there, but do your research on what you might like to do and then find a practice that offers the total package. This is what I did and found the best at Artisan!

I love all the staff members at Artisan Plastic Surgery. From the time you check into with the receptionist, where you are greeted with a smile and personal touches, to when you leave and make your next appointment, a positive loving attitude surrounds you. The office is beautiful and so upbeat! The doctors are awesome and get to know you and answer all your questions with patience and care. This journey was an emotional time of my life. I was facing retirement from a very successful career and entering another phase of my life. I undertook this adventure with these talented individuals holding my hand all the way. I am happy with who I am and how I look. I am pretty!!