smiling woman with clean, bright skin

Featuring HALO™ by Sciton

Gone are the days of face-lifts thanks to our knowledge of preventative skin care, and a breakthrough laser treatment called Halo. This unique device utilizes not one but two types of lasers to give you a truly angelic result, and with minimal downtime.

tubular halo device

Combining both ablative (think to aerate a lawn) and non-ablative (a drilling effect that targets those stubborn wrinkles and encourages collagen and elastin production…yes please!) technology, Halo proves that two are better than one!

aesthetician applies halo device to reclined patient's face

With this innovative technology, Halo clients are seeing results faster than ever before, and are greatly benefiting from the advancement in recovery. With older technologies, recovery time could last up to five or more days, and often with an unsightly appearance in the meantime. With Halo, healing time takes only a few days, if that!

So what can you expect in terms of results with Halo?

The laser will target the epidermis and dermis, minimize pores, correct sun damage, cut down on brown spots, and even skin texture and tone. And ready for this? The Halo can resurface up to 30% of the skin! Compare this to other lasers that resurface only up to 5%. Is the Halo sounding heaven-sent to you yet?

close up of patient's face with halo device applying red laser on face

One if the most exciting benefits of Halo is that it can treat nearly every skin tone. Darker skin does require more skin prep and a lighter foot on the pedal, but with the same incredible results.

If you needed another reason to fall in love with Halo, you will be glad to know that unlike other laser treatments that require multiple treatments, you only need two visits with Halo in the first year that will brighten your skin and maximize preventative aging.

reclined woman on treatment table with bright light on clean, smooth face

So what are you waiting for, angel? Let us see your Halo!

~Cortney Bolek~