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CLEARLY … Healthy Glowing Teen Skin Needs – No Filter

Being a teen is difficult enough emotionally thanks to hormonal changes, but then their skin goes haywire for all the world to see. This leads to lower self esteem and lack of self confidence. Teens can benefit with some guidance when it comes to sudden acne breakouts and other skin issues that may seem like the world is after them. Having acne or red, blotchy skin can even make those who were makeup want to cover up even more.

Instead of waiting for an acne breakout to happen, it’s a better for them to develop a healthy skincare regimen to keep their complexion under control.

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Here are a few suggestions to help your teen face their complexion concerns.

1.) I highly recommend that teens see a dermatologist annually for skin checks. It is important to be safe and not find out if something could have been caught.

2.) Book a teen consultation & facial with an Aesthetician that they feel comfortable with.

Teens think they can Google everything and that their parents know nothing. Trust me I know. Having a teen daughter myself is challenging with skincare, and I’m in the business, but I am “Mom”.

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I make sure she has all the tools she needs to make good decisions with her Skincare and help guide without preaching at her. (Yes , I do have to chase her down for those wonderful extractions.)

Ideally schedule them facial appointments every 4-6 weeks (in the beginning)to help teach them proper skincare – without you being the bad guy, and they also get a deep cleaning without hurting and scarring themselves. Scars are a whole new problem. One of my favorite treatments for my teen patients is the HydraFacial Express treatment. Perfect for a teens busy schedule, and YOURS.

3.) Cleansing their skin AM, PM, and after sports. Using a gentle cleanser like Skinceuticals or Biologique Recherche’s VIP O2 are great choices. Using a Micellaire water for a quick gentle cleanse is perfect for gym bags. The easier the steps, the better the chance for them following through.

4.) Balance the PH of the skin with an appropriate lotion P50 is just the ticket for better skin period.

5.) Moisturize with serums, lotions or creams that the Aesthetician recommends can help calm, matte, or hydrate depending on the teens skin condition.

6.) ALWAYS wear SPF EVERYDAY. Colorscience has something for everyone in the skin tone range. Especially the easy to apply and reapply Sunforgettable brush line.

7.) We are here for you and your teen – no matter how embarrassing this time can be. We have all been there, and we want to help you – by doing what we love.

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Helping you see your own natural beauty inside and out is our goal.

– Amanda Carey – Aesthetician