Nonsurgical Newborn Ear Correction

Approximately 15-20% to 30% of children are born with an external ear deformity. If not corrected during the first few months of life, some kids may require corrective ear surgery later in life. Visit our photos section to view the results achieved.

What are Newborn Ear Deformities?

Newborn babies have a large amount of maternal estrogens circulating in their system, which makes the ear cartilage soft and malleable. The EarWell is an ear splinting system which allows for non-surgical, painless treatment of many ear deformities, including prominent ear, cup ear, lidding, Stahl’s deformity, and cryptotia. The EarWell system is placed by the physician in clinic at Artisan Plastic Surgery, requires minimal home maintenance, and is typically covered by insurance.

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