These poses can be done and modified for most anyone, at any level. Most people can do these poses within weeks of surgery but consult with your doctor and use your best judgment to see if it is suitable for you.

  • Seated Twist
  • No-Jumping Jumping Jacks
  • Clasp hands/ draw hands up to heart/ push hands straight out from chest as you bend knees and arch back/ reach palms to the sky as you stretch entire body/ release arms out to sides and down to bottom to repeat sequence
  • Either Standing or Seated, interlace hands behind head and lift heart. Feel the gentle backbend as this stretches the chest muscles and shoulders and allows for deeper breaths; gentle cardio.
  • Warrior 2- Empowerment Pose
  • Dancer- good quad stretch, chest opener and balance
  • Tree- helps balance and focus; develops core and leg strength
  • Downhill skier/ chair- great lower body strengthener
  • Tapping- good for core/ vitality/ chest (helpful to break up scar tissue and increase circulation)
  • Lie on the blanket roll on bolster for a passive backbend and chest opener
  • Puppy stretch- good chest opener
  • Lie on belly and extend RIGHT arm out; roll onto right side
  • Alternate nostril breathing/ 3-part breath- both help to center self
  • Bee breathing-calming
  • Guided imagery or Meditation (I enjoy the Headspace App)

Kim Saunders was diagnosed 12 years ago with Stage 2 breast cancer and had a mastectomy. She is a Yoga therapist and Psychotherapist and she works with those who have had cancer or surgery as she understands the recovery process, both physically and emotionally.

She owns Lift Yoga Studio in Alpharetta and you can learn more about her at


If you are new to yoga and seeking a gentle experience to begin, you might start with a Yin Yoga or Deep Stretch type of class. These are very slow and offer longer holds in the stretch to allow release of connective tissue.

For questions about our health and wellness program at Artisan Plastic Surgery, contact Katie Chrismer, our Director of Health and Wellness. Call us at 404.851.1998.