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How are you handling ALONE time ?

With Atlanta in self isolation mode, taking care of our skin during such a chaotic and stressful time is more important now than ever. Stress along with stress eating can create inflammation in the body and weakens our immune system. At Artisan Beaute’ in Buckhead, we are here for you, and your skin care needs.

Here are some tips that as a skin care provider – I share with my patients to help give a little love to our skin, enrich our mind, and relax the tense facial muscles!

With all the snacks we are eating and stress harboring, the TMJ, Masseter, and lymphatic system can get tight and sluggish. Hence, LOTS of massage, cryotherapy, and drinking more water than you might normally will help to promote de-puffing.

I like to keep it really simple. Let’s think of it as a Spring Reset – use minimalistic skincare and transition into the new season slowly.

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I use my cryosticks morning and night to depuff and reduce my heavy inflammation. Within 3-4 days, my inflammation goes down significantly. Cryosticks are LIFE. Especially as we enter into the warmer weather, I promise you won’t regret it. My favorite are by Biologique Recherche`, and available at Artisan Beaute`( along with my other favorite must-have products). I use them with the intention of using personal “gua sha” techniques although it’s not gua sha. All tightness and tension in the face, especially with the major current events, dissipates.

My routine is predominately by Biologique Recherche (French for HEAVEN for the SKIN…jk):

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🤲🏻WASH YOUR HANDS. Sounds easy enough, but not performed enough before touching that beautiful face.

🤲🏻Cleanse with Lait U. Leave cleanser on for slip and use freezed cryosticks as my inflammation reducer. Lots of lymphatic drainage movements – starting from the center of the face and moving out, releasing TMJ tightness, and going on the jaw as well. I focused a lot on lifting to prevent sagging in the skin.

🤲🏻Rinse with cool water. Wash cryosticks as well in soap and water.

🤲🏻P50 PIGM 400 pressed into the skin (the P50 series of products by Biologique are a skin-care cult favorite around the world).

🤲🏻Add in a mask frequently to maintain balance in the skin especially since you can’t see your favorite esthetician during this time! Let’s talk – send a DM on Instagram @artisanbeauteatlanta – address it to Bisma, and just let us know “I need help with my skin care,” and I will personally respond to you, and go through every step unique to you and your skin. You might even get a little something extra special.

🤲🏻Sprays of Leauxygenante all over my face to keep it simple. “This is like an intense vitamin shower for your skin.”

🤲🏻Apply your prescribed serums as recommended by your aesthetician.

🤲🏻Creme Masque Vernix layered on the skin (I will sometimes sleep in a thin layer) for approximately 20 minutes. I use the prescribed creme for my skin in the AM along with finishing serum. Ask me what I think about finishing serums, the conversation may never stop. I love them!

For our mind and body, I strongly recommend reading beautiful books to keep learning and stimulating our brain. It also helps to get lost in a story and keep our mind off of the stresses outside. Doing at home workouts, yoga, and drinking lots of water helps to keep our mind healthy and immune system strong!

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Run a warm bath, add a touch of essential oils, light a gorgeous candle (one of my favorites is Pure Calm by Uma Oils), give positive affirmations to yourself, and take care of the beautiful body we each live in.

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We all stay so busy, and run our bodies hard. Maybe there is a bigger reason that we are being forced to slow down, if even for a moment. Stay healthy, and make the most of this time with a little (or a lot of) self care. #inthistogether

~ Bisma Rais – Aesthetician