Permanent Makeup in Atlanta

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that adds permanent pigmentation to your face as a way to resemble makeup, while allowing you to save time every day and skip the tedious task of careful makeup application. We offer eye-lining and eyebrow filling, as well as permanently enhancing the skin of your face, lips, and eyelids. The inks we use in permanent makeup are FDA-approved.

Permanent cosmetics immediate results

Permanent makeup in Atlanta provides instant results that can imitate regular cosmetics. The effect can also be bold or subtle, depending on your goals. Immediately after the treatment, however, your permanent makeup results may look a bit strong. This is caused by the process of applying the permanent makeup. The color should soften within a few days as you heal.

Long-term results

Once your skin has healed and the results have settled in, the color can last for several years with proper care. Exactly how long the permanent makeup lasts varies from individual to individual, as well as the treatment area (i.e., permanent lip makeup will often fade faster than eyebrow makeup). For some people, the makeup fades over time.

In general, you will get the best results and longevity by taking care of your skin. Sun exposure will fade permanent makeup. The more natural-looking results (those subtle applications) are more likely to require a touch-up. Skin tones also play a role in how long permanent makeup lasts.

Additional benefits of permanent makeup

  • Save time getting ready for work and social events
  • Save money on expensive cosmetics
  • No worries about the makeup smudging or staining your clothes
  • Our experienced permanent makeup artists at Artisan Plastic Surgery are famous for achieving very natural results, both in application and pigment choice.

Most people are thrilled with their results, especially when applied by our experienced permanent makeup experts; however, occasionally a patient has undesirable results. The four most common complaints are “too dark,” “too big,” “uneven” and “wrong color,” and most of these can be minimized by choosing a highly experienced permanent makeup artist with a reputation for skill and subtlety.

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Learn more about permanent makeup at a personal consultation

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