My experience with Dr. Diane Alexander has been nothing short of a miracle. The almost five-year relationship with Diane has not only transformed me physically, but also mentally.

My journey with Dr. Alexander began when I came to her with several concerns after the result of a traumatic emergency C-section with my first daughter, and I also had a long-standing desire to reduce my breast size. She immediately made me feel comfortable, explaining everything in detail and addressing any fears I had.

My extensive surgery entailed a full tummy-tuck; C-section scar revision from the emergency procedure; breast reduction; and a breast lift. The results were amazing, and I had my pre-baby body back and could not have been more pleased! I have continued to enjoy my “new” shape over the years, but there was still something else I wanted to address with Dr. Alexander.

While pregnant with my first child, I suffered from Bell’s palsy. Most of those afflicted with Bell’s palsy recover nicely with no permanent effects. I, however, was one of the few who was left with facial asymmetry from the paralysis. Wondering if there was anything I could do to alleviate some of the effects, I approached Dr. Alexander, who suggested Botox. And, once again, she was spot-on with her recommendation! The Botox has drastically improved the asymmetry, and I am thrilled!

I know a lot of mothers who have experienced post-pregnancy issues, and while we (as mothers) are blessed to have our children and wouldn’t change a thing, it’s nice to know we have the opportunity to bring back the “old me.” As I approach 40, I feel as confident and sexy as I ever have, and I am so ready to enter the next phase of my life… with special thanks to Dr. Alexander!