ThermiVa Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Atlanta

As Atlanta’s first all-female plastic surgery practice, we know first-hand how pregnancy, childbirth, weight fluctuations, and menopause can change a woman’s body. We also understand that these changes can negatively affect your comfort and self-confidence.

ThermiVa non surgical vaginal rejuvenation in Atlanta

That’s why we are excited to offer ThermiVa®, a non-surgical energy-based treatment that stimulates natural collagen production, which can help vaginal tissues regain tone and elasticity.

How ThermiVa works

ThermiVa gently heats tissues using controlled radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production. Radiofrequency has been used safely for many years in both medical and aesthetic treatments as a gentle, non-invasive option for tissue remodeling.

With ThermiVa, the radiofrequency energy is delivered via a small, thin handheld device, which is gently placed on the internal and external vaginal tissues.

Benefits of ThermiVa

  • Quick & convenient. Each treatment only takes about 15 minutes to perform.
  • Surprisingly comfortable. No anesthesia is needed, and most patients feel a mild warming sensation during treatment.
  • No downtime. After your ThermiVa treatment, you can return to your normal day right away.
  • Patients love it. Over 115,000 treatments have been performed worldwide, and ThermiVa was named RealSelf’s 2019 Patients Choice “Most Worth It” award.

What results can I expect?

Many patients notice an improvement in the tone and appearance of vaginal tissues within a couple of days of their first treatment. Results continue to improve as new collagen is produced.

We generally recommend a series of three ThermiVa treatments, spaced one month apart, for optimal results.

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation?

ThermiVa can be an excellent, non-surgical option for any woman who is bothered by loss of tissue elasticity and feels she could benefit from enhanced collagen production. At Artisan Plastic Surgery, our patients include women of all ages and stages of life, including women who have had multiple children, women experiencing effects of menopause such as vaginal dryness, and women who would like to enhance their comfort and confidence in their bodies.

Learn more about ThermiVa at a personal consultation.

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