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Glorious Pearls from China

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Dr. Ashraf just returned from Beijing with some fabulous pearls for the bauble boutique! The pearls are 7-7.5 mm, freshwater, and 48 inches long—they can be worn long, or as a double or triple strand. They are beautiful!


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My story began last June. I went in for my routine yearly check up with the gynecologist. My doctor thought she felt “something.”  She said, “Well, you are 40, let’s get you in for a mammogram.” I had two cysts when I was 30 and again at 36 so I really was not concerned about… Continue Reading »


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My experience with Dr. Diane Alexander has been nothing short of a miracle. The almost five-year relationship with Diane has not only transformed me physically, but also mentally.

Welcome to the Artisan Blog!

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At Artisan Plastic Surgery, we are excited to be part of such a dynamic field. It seems that every day there is a new procedure, a new magic potion, or a new anti-aging treatment trumpeted by the media. We want to help you sort through this information blitz. Here, we’ll share our opinions on what… Continue Reading »

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