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ReCover for a Breast Symmetry Solution

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ReCover Breast Form

While Undergoing Tissue Expander Reconstruction, look like you have perfect breasts! Three layers of 100% silicone that can be worn to mimic your natural breasts.

Wear your clothes with confidence!

Trulife has changed the way women go through tissue expander reconstruction. There has never been a breast form developed solely for the breast cancer patient undergoing tissue …

Kim’s Journey to Health after Breast Cancer

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At 43 years old, with a 3-year old daughter, I went in for a routine mammogram.  The results were far from routine.  My world stopped in the moment I received the phone call that I had cancer. I had been through years of infertility treatments to finally have my baby and the first thing I said to my doctor is, …

Beatrice: two years after breast cancer and breast reconstruction

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Without the physicians who are experts to their fields and dedicated to their patients, I would not be so lucky and confident in my life. My story began on May 25, 2005. My radiologist found calcifications on my left breast mammogram. She suggested I have a needle biopsy on 06/09/05. Three days later she called me at work and asked …

Cathy: overcoming breast cancer

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The diagnosis of breast cancer elicits a myriad of emotions.  If I were to pick the strongest, it would be the feeling of being incredibly vulnerable.  The process of healing takes time, and that allowed me to face different aspects of my life and re-prioritize.  There are pars that are sad, with an overwhelming feeling of loss, and parts that …

Deborah: thriving after breast cancer

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On a Monday morning at 7:30, I received a call that stopped my world.  On the other end of the line was my breast care surgeon telling me that I had breast cancer in one breast and the other appeared to have enough irregularities to be at risk too.  She told me,” If you were my sister I would recommend …

Dena: 3-Time Breast Cancer Survivor

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Breast Cancer doesn’t have to be about the disease.  It’s about the people we meet along the way.  It’s about the immediate bond and sisterhood that comes with saying,”I’m also a Breast Cancer survivor.”  It’s about the people that touch your heart and soul.  It’s about helping, caring, sharing, and loving.  It’s about knowing, in your heart, that this happened …

Denise: Persevering through Breast Cancer Three Times

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The experiences of life never cease to amaze me.  I am a three-time breast cancer survivor.  I am a mother of four, a grandmother of three, and a daughter to one.  My children were supportive, loving, and never once did they lose hope.  Even after my third diagnosis, they were right there to cheer me on to victory.  How blessed …

Donna: A New Body after Breast Reconstruction

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At the age of 35, and no history in my family, when I was told I had breast cancer I cried and thought “why me?”–which I’m sure everyone thinks.  Then I knew I couldn’t change what was happening to me so I went forward with a positive attitude to do what needed to be done and get back to the …

Liz: My “Second Helping” of Breast Cancer

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Second Helping.”  That’s what I called it when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. Here are excerpts from the email I sent out to tell my friends.

     “…so I have been diagnosed with breast cancer again (last time was almost 6 years ago).  Oh well, it was a good run!  I am now scheduled

Erika: Breast Reconstruction after Prophylactic Mastectomy

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I was 12 years old when my life was forever changed by the word “cancer.” My oldest sister, Jenny, had been diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at age 22. She died 18 months later at the age of 24. I was 14. Nine years later my older sister, Maggie, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. After …