Dena is a 3-time breast cancer surviror
Dena is a 3-time breast cancer survivor

Breast Cancer doesn’t have to be about the disease.  It’s about the people we meet along the way.  It’s about the immediate bond and sisterhood that comes with saying,”I’m also a Breast Cancer survivor.”  It’s about the people that touch your heart and soul.  It’s about helping, caring, sharing, and loving.  It’s about knowing, in your heart, that this happened for a reason.  It’s about the continuous journey in renewing your life, and helping others with your story.  It’s a struggle….it’s hard…but it’s real.  And it’s part of me.  But it’s only a part.  I’m also a mother, a daughter a sister, a friend and a lover…the disease does not define who I am…it’s just a part of who I am.