In December of 1999 I underwent a lumpectomy and a radical mastectomy on my right breast. After months of healing and chemotherapy I vowed never to let a surgeon near me again! So, for the next six (6) years I learned to adjust and adapt. My greatest frustration was with clothing. The “grannie” underwear was necessary to accommodate my prosthesis, but hey, nobody saw that but me! Many of the latest fashions and trends had to be bypassed, and of course, swimsuits were one of my biggest challenges. In 2006, while on a tropical vacation, my artificial breast fell off and landed in the toilet of a public restroom—ARGH!!! That was my defining moment. As soon as I returned home I called Dr. Alexander and the rest is history. Now I not only have a beautiful new breast, but the added bonus of a tight FLAT tummy. Life is good!!!!