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Rejuvenation from the Outside In
…and from the Inside Out.

Artisan Plastic Surgery Atlanta

At Artisan Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, we believe in beauty. When you come to one of our cosmetic surgery offices, you will be surrounded by beautiful artwork, jewelry, flowers, lingerie and people that will make you feel relaxed. The patients and staff that you will see have a natural glow — not too tight, too pulled, too big, or too fake. We specialize in harmonious, individualized body enhancements (tummy tuck & liposuction) that help you shine. That is the art of plastic surgery and our passion. We know how to put Botox and fillers in your face while still allowing you to smile. We can perform a facelift or eyelid lift, and you will look yourself, just younger and refreshed. We can place implants in your breasts without having them look overdone or fake. If you need reconstruction after breast cancer, we will create new breasts that make you feel beautiful and help you to heal, inside and out.

When you walk in our Atlanta office, even before you have had a cosmetic procedure, we already think that you are beautiful. We also know that you are coming to us for help — that there is something about yourself that you want to make better. We understand that feeling positive about what is on the outside can help you feel beautiful on the inside. That is our goal — to enhance and rejuvenate your outward appearance, so that your individual beauty will shine.

Atlanta cosmetic surgery specialist Dr. Diane Alexander is accepting new patients. If you are considering plastic surgery or cosmetic rejuvenation, please schedule a consultation today to learn more about our plastic surgery procedures and how we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

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