Breast cancer–I found mine during a self-breast examination. Once confirmed with a mammogram, I had three weeks before my surgery to research, prepare, and make decisions regarding my treatment options.  The process itself was like a whirlwind.

Oprail: my story
Oprail: My Story of Breast Cancer

After each test, biopsy, and exam, I was looking for that definitive diagnosis about my cancer.   What I did not understand was that my final diagnosis would come later after the tumor was removed and tested.  Patience must be a virtue that I did not possess.  I found that making this life-altering decision in such a short period was rather difficult.  I decided  to deal with the issue head-on.  I felt that I had to place the emotional aspect of the diagnosis on the back burner, because it often got in the way of  my ability to make rational decisions.  My mind would wander daily through the “what ifs.”  I read as much as I could from books and the internet; others’ experiences, answers from doctors, you name it, I read it.   I took the time to visit  with several doctors in order to choose a surgeon.   I chose the surgeons that made me feel the most comfortable. They provided for me empathy for what I was facing  and were the most supportive.  I am thankful that my husband was so supportive during the entire ordeal, and he continues to be today as I continue the emotional healing.

Everyone and every cancer is different, but the important thing is to become well-informed and choose a treatment option that you and your physician can agree.  I, like many other women, was afraid that I would die from the cancer.  Once I realized that I was not going to die from this cancer, I was worried about the surgery and how I would look and feel afterwards.  I thought that by losing my breast, I would be less of a women.  Now I know that for all that I had to endure, I am stronger for it and I more of a woman.  Be Strong and God Bless.