What a blessing it was to find out I was having my SECOND set of twins in 2001! For me, it started off as sheer fear and over the years has converted into joy. But, it was hard to find the joy in every aspect of it…especially the abdominal area. In a society that loves the core, and identifies a healthy body with a smooth tee, I was not happy with my body. I had always stayed fit, worked out consistently with good muscle development, but in my abdominal area…it was a loose skin mess! Above my belly button, my skin looked like a giant raisin. My transverse abdominals were nonexistent, and my former “six pack” seemed to travel to my waist—I had NO CORE.

This lack of a central core caused severe lower back pain. I found it difficult to sleep because of the pain. My posture had changed severely along with my gait. I knew I could no longer work vigorously at the gym and get the results I wanted—namely improvement in my posture, elimination of my lower back pain, and a good solid core.

I visited Dr. Ashraf and spoke to her specifically about all of my concerns with my back, posture, and abdominals. She said with simple abdominoplasty all could be almost back to my pre-pregnancy body. I had some loose skin above my belly button that would be pulled down, but would not be removed completely.

After the surgery, the recovery ran smoothly. The pain was bearable and my thoughts went to the possibility that feeling good was right around the corner. After a good two weeks, I was feeling definite strength in my core, key improvements in my posture, and none of the lower back pain that I was experiencing before the surgery.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ashraf and her team. They have been absolutely fabulous to work with. I love that I can be dedicated to my workouts, and see firm results now. Also, I have to continue watching my diet to make sure I stay fit! :). This whole process has been such a positive change in how I feel and enjoy life nowadays!